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    Avaition industry invests in VACUDEST technology

    Pratt & Whitney, one of the world’s leading aircraft-engine manufacturers, decided to install VACUDEST systems at their MRO Centres in Istanbul and Singapore. Highest technical sophistication and unique features of the VACUDEST technology led to Pratt & Whitney’s decision to use the VACUDEST for their process water treatment.


    The new aircraft-engine MRO Centre at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen International Airport is equipped with the newest VACUDEST 500 Clearcat model for the treatment of washing water from turbine-parts cleaning. 


    The US aircraft-engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney operates the new MRO Centre in a joint venture with Turkish Airlines Technic under the name Turkish Engine Centre (TEC). TEC will be one of the leading jet engine MRO Centre in the world. This facility is able to overhaul up to 200 aircraft-engines annually.


    The decision to use the newest VACUDEST technology for the treatment of their engine-component washing water has been made after intense studies of Pratt & Whitney. As the TEC building itself meets the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold standard, the new process water treatment system also needed to fulfil highest state-of-the-art requirements.


    The following unique features of the VACUDEST system became crucial for Pratt & Whitney’s decision to invest in a the process water treatment from H2O GmbH in Germany.


    Vacuum distillation is an excellent method for the treatment of oil containing effluents like washing water from cleaning and degreasing parts. To date hydro-carbons and oils being carried over into the distillate cause problems. So far these impurities had to be separated by means of additional process steps. The innovative Clearcat-technology  reliably and efficiently polishes the distillate to its best and guarantees lowest hydro-carbons and oil levels.

    The Clearcat benefits are:

    lowest hydrocarbon and oil levels in the distillate

    crystal clear distillate

    no use of consumables like active carbon

    maintenance free

    distillate can be recycled  ⇒  zero liquid discharge



    The self cleaning heat exchanger, Activepowerclean, reduces scaling during operation to a minimum. Hundreds of small ceramic grinding balls keep its surface clean during the distillation process.

    The ActivePowerClean benefits are:

    Less maintenance stops and cost

    higher capacity

    lower energy consumption

    higher evaporation rate resulting in lower residue amounts and consequently lower disposal costs


    Compared to other processes available for the treatment of polluted rinsing water vacuum distillation proofed to be the most feasible alternative. Comparing different vacuum distillation equipment available on the market the VACUDEST technology proofed to be outstanding, due to the features described above.


    The VACUDEST benefits are:

    fully automatic operation

    lowest energy consumption and treatment costs

    suitability for different kinds of process water

    highest evaporation rate resulting in lowest residue amounts

    highest distillate qualities


    Vacutouch control system

    The new Vacutouch control system allows easy and full access to all visualised system functions by use of a large touch-screen. It’s also equipped with an Ethernet-connection and USB-port for remote service, monitoring, diagnostic, control and data transfer to an office desk-top PC.


    The Vacutouch benefits are:

    fully visualised process control

    easy touch screen operation

    remote control via Ethernet or DSL modem

    storage of process and maintenance data

    e-mail notification in case of malfunction

    quick H2O service support via remote access


    Why did Pratt & Whitney decide in favour of H2O’s VACUDEST technology?

    Pratt & Whitney’s decision to install a VACUDEST system from H2O GmbH was not taken by chance. Several important reasons led to this well considered decision:

    1.international references in over 45 countries

    2.experience from over 1000 installations

    3.clear technological leadership of H2O

    4.approved quality and production standards at H2O

    5.remote control service-support through Vacutouch control system

    6.supply of turn-key systems


    Vacuum distillation systems for industrial process water treatment have been significantly improved during the last two decades. Newest developments are the Clearcat-Technology for highest distillate qualities, the Activepowerclean-Technology to reduce operation cost and the visualising Vacutouch control system for full process control.


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