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    Face Grinding Technology for Fuel Injection Nozzle

    The common rail fuel injector system is a direct fuel injection system that is basically an upgraded version of the direct fuel injection system previously used in petrol and diesel engines. The name ‘common rail’is used because the fuel injectors are supplied with fuel by a single fuel rail whose purpose is basically to accumulate pressure where the fuel is stored. The common rail system helps reduce exhaust emissions, makes fuel cleaner and more efficient, lessens engine noise, and is more powerful than the injector systems they replace.

    The PFG80 is a standard designed machine for grinding the faces of fuel injection nozzles and other similar sized components requiring high surface finish and flatness.

    Two grinding spindles are used, and with suitable grinding wheels surface finishes of better than 0.1 Ra can be maintained under high production conditions.

    A four-spindle workhead will be used, this allows loading/unloading and grinding of rough and finishing to take place concurrently - maximising production rates.

    The machine is designed for high volume production and automatic loading is fitted for nozzle grinding. Nozzles are loaded into the load chute and pushed into collet chuck against head back face and clamped. Finish part is offloaded to exit chute. The loading system is designed for fast part transfer so that the unload / load can be made within the grinding sequence.

    The grinding spindles are suitable for both CBN and conventional grit grinding wheels.

    Typical Machining



    P Type Nozzle      

    Roughness/Flatness/Parallelism:Ra 0.1 um/1um/0.03mm

    Blank: Stock Removal 0.3mm

    Machine Type


    Cycle time


           Twin spindle grinding                             Process-gauging                                 Grinding Wheels

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