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    2004      ·NUOSUN is founded.

    2005      ·Cooperated with Swiss company – LIECHTI Engineering AG, NUOSUN sells and services LIECHTI 5-axis CNC     

                               machining centers in China.

    2006      ·Cooperated with German company – KNOLL Maschinenbau GmbH, NUOSUN sells and services KNOLL filtering

                              systems and pumps in China.

                          ·Cooperated with German company – IBS GmbH, NUOSUN sells and services IBS 6-axis CNC turbine blade

                              grinding and polishing machines in China.

                          ·Start business of selling spare and worn parts of machine tools.

    2007      ·MRO (maintenance, repair and operation) business becomes regular.

    2008      ·Cooperated with German company – STAMA Maschinenfabrik GmbH, NUOSUN sells STAMA 3-/4-/5-axis vertical

                              machining centers in China.

                          ·Buy and move to the current company building.

    2009      ·MRO business develops upward quickly. Offices in Chongqing and Changchun are founded.

    2010      ·Cooperated with British company – Curtis Machine Tools Limited (CMT), NUOSUN sells and services CMT grinding

                              machines in China.

                          ·Beijing office is founded.

    2011       ·Cooperated with German company – H2O GmbH, NUOSUN sells and services H2O industrial waste water

                              treatment equipment in China.

                          ·Start promoting 1stMRO brand for MRO business.

                          ·Shenyang office is founded.

    2012      ·Cooperated with German company – MCU GmbH & Co. KG, NUOSUN sells and services MCU tool monitoring

                              software and system in China.

                          ·Zero-discharge technology for disposal of waste water is broadly promoted in China.


    Tel :021-37620416 Fax:021-37620428 Email[email protected]
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