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    Contact Us
    Tel: 021-37620415
    Fax: 021-37620428
    Email: [email protected]

    Facing to the advanced manufacturing industry, NUOSUN is specialized in:

       - Selling top-end and most advanced CNC machine tools, industrial filtering equipment and industrial  application software.

       - Supplying various industrial spare and worn parts.

       - Promoting industrial zero-discharge technology and providing the complete solution on industrial  waste water treatment technology and equipment.

    Our customers are broadly located in the following industry:

       -    Automotive

       -    Energy

       -    Aviation and aerospace

       -    Railway locomotive

       -    Shipbuilding

       -    Machinery manufacturing

       -    Electronic manufacturing

       -    Petrochemical

    We can provide the selection proposal, turn-key solution, import purchase, installation, commissioning and after-sale service of CNC machine tools, production system, auxiliary equipment, and ensure that the purchased equipment and system can continuously operate and efficiently output to realize a fast payback of customer's investment.


    Industrial spare and worn part business is mainly related to maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) of industrial equipment system. It is the basis to ensure equipment and production system running continuously without breakdown. With accumulating  practical experience for years, we have established a good and long-lasting cooperation with numerous overseas brand manufacturers. Complete and efficient MRO information and database can enable us to offer a favorable price and delivery terms within a short time. Our entire supply system integrated with purchase, inventory, logistics and after-sale service has become a consolidated support to the development of many enterprises.


    The treatment and discharge of waste water generated from various industries have restricted a further development of industrial enterprises. The core technology of our waste water treatment originates from Germany. No matter what kind of waste water you create for discharge or zero-discharge, you will always find an optimum solution at NUOSUN.


    We have set up a powerful service team that can guarantee a fast service response on 24 hours/7 days.

    Tel :021-37620416 Fax:021-37620428 Email[email protected]
    Copyright  @2013 Shanghai NUOSUN Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. 沪ICP备05027006号 Website:Puyuan

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